King Arthur, Phantom Of The Opera, Da Vinci Code, Dad Savage, Entrapment, Patriot Games, McGyver, Robin Hood, Batman (1st Film), Batman Begins, The Golden Compass, The One And Only, The World Is Not Enough, Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince, Prince Of Persia, Nottingham (Robin Hood), Clash Of The Titans, Captain America, Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Dark Knight, Hot Fuzz, Bronson, John Carter Of Mars, Get Him To The Greek


Greenwich Meantime, Captain Jack, Beautiful People, As It Is, Johnny Thunderpants



Mersey Beat, Island At War, Down To Earth, Think Murder, Waking The Dead, Teachers, Doctor Who, The Royal, Ain’t Misbehaving, Badger, Berkley Square, Between The Lines, The Bill, Brookside, Bugs, Casualty, Dangerfield, Gone To Sleep, Grafters, Harry, Our Friends In The North, Playing The Field, Meat, Soldier Soldier, The Fast Show, The Knock, The Turnannans, Theiftakers, Tom Jones, Rhinoceros, Underworld, Keen Eddie, Holby City, Family, Think Murder, Ashes 2 Ashes, Cranford, Hotel Babylon, Artic Monkeys (Flourescant Adolescant)


The Queen’s Nose, Where The Heart Is, Murphy’s Law, Jonathan Creek, Emma Brody, Playing The Field, The Crocked Man, Auf Weidersien Pet, Hearts And Bones, Spine Chillers, Time Trumpet, Eyes Down, Dalziel And Pascoe, The Bill, Birds Of A Feather, How To Have Sex In The 21st Century, Hollyoaks, Peter Ackroyd’s London, “40”, Five Days


Butlins 1978 – Worthing, Canadian Tyre 1994- Driving, Double Glazing 1996- Crashing Into Glass


Ron Donachie, Tony Britten, Peter Wight, Tony Bluto, Mark Wingett, Patrick Mower, Kenneth Cranham, Tommy Lee Jones, Sir Albert Finney