My name is Tony Van Silva

I'm a Stunt Man and Actor with over 24 years experience. I've worked in film and TV and I have a 100% safety record and my own equipment.


I was born 14TH December 1949 and did my first professional wrestling bout in 1967. I’ve wrestled and competed in Olympic freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling. I won titles at 90kg and 100kg in the London and Southern areas championships Olympic Freestyle Wrestling.

At 90kg reached 4th, 3rd and 2nd places in the national championships. At end of teenage years reached quarter finals of Great Britain boxing which has been helpful with experience coordinating fight scenarios. I am currently training in submission wrestling.

I reached 2nd place in TY-GA karate and train regularly in Mixed Martial Arts. I’ve also worked as door security. In 1986 accepted on the stunt register.